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Resistance Alloys

RAIL® manufactures Nickel-Chrome and Iron-Chromium-Aluminum based Electrical Resistance Alloys which are used for high temperature applications.

Nickel-Chrome based alloy is ideal for applications up to 1200C and which are subject to frequent switching and wide temperature fluctuations. It gives outstanding performance under the most exacting conditions.

Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy offers higher surface load, higher resistivity and is suitable for temperature up to 1400C. It offers better life compared to Nickel-Chrome alloy in sulphuric atmosphere.

RAIL®-NC 80/20 is Nickel Chrome based alloy, whereas RAIL®-HTM / RAIL®-145A1 / RAIL®-135D / RAIL®-LT Plus and RAIL®-2 are Iron-Chromium-Aluminum based alloys.


Thermocouple Alloys

Quality Grade – Type K

Thermocouple alloys are used in making thermocouple for temperature measurement.

Isatherm Plus® & Isatherm Minus® are Type K thermocouple alloys which are used in thermocouple for temperature measurement up to 1250C.

Positive leg of thermocouple is denoted as KP and Negative leg is denoted as KN. Isatherm Plus® is KP and Isatherm Minus® is KN.

These wires conform to international standards like ASTM/ANSI/IEC/DIN/JIS and are available with standard as well as special limits of error.


Extension Grade - Type KX

Thermocouple extension wires are used for taking connections from thermocouple to instruments situated at remote locations. These wires are distinguished by additional letters ‘X’ viz. Isatherm Plus® KPX and Isatherm Minus® KNX.

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