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Electric Resistance Heating Alloy RAIL® - HTM Wire

RAIL® - HTM is an advanced, high purity, high temperature metallurgical product of ferritic Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy with life enhancing additive RE. It can be used at wire temperature up to 1425°C.

RAIL® - HTM has several unique characteristics like higher resistivity, superior oxidation, high temperature use, lower density, higher yield and exceptional long life.

RAIL® - HTM is specially recommended for use in powder metallurgy furnaces, diffusion furnaces, radiant tube heating furnaces and all kinds of furnaces that are required to be operated at high temperature in the range of 1250°C - 1425°C.

Chemical Composition

Cr Al Si Mn C Re Fe
Nominal 23.5% 6.0% <0.4% <0.7% <0.04% Traces Bal
Min 22% 5.5%
Max 25% 6.5%


Physical, Electrical & Mechanical Properties


Density g/cm3


Electrical Resistivity at 20°C mm2/m             

1.45  - 0.03
         + 0.07

Elongation %  


Tensile Strength Kgs/mm


Magnetic Property                                           Magnetic
Max Continuous Operating Temperature (in air) 1425°C
Melting Temperature                                       


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