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RAIL® - 145a1
Electric Resistance Heating Alloy RAIL® - 145A1 Wire

RAIL® - 145A1 is an Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy, mainly composed of high purity electrolytic iron, low carbon ferro-chrome and high purity aluminium. It is used at wire temperature up to 1400C

RAIL® - 145A1 has several unique characteristics like higher resistivity, better oxidation, higher temperature use, lower density, higher yield and longer life.

RAIL® - 145A1 has ferritic structure i.e. its lattice is body centered cubic. It is particularly characterized by its high resistance to sulphurous gases and also it is less liable to carburizing compared to austenitic alloys like Nickel-Chrome and Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys.

RAIL® - 145A1 is a versatile electric resistance heating alloy for use in high temperature industrial furnaces used in engineering, automobile, steel, non-ferrous, ceramic, glass & electronic industries, laboratories, etc.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Maximum Element Working Temperature (in Air)


Nominal Composition % Cr


Al 5.5
Fe Balance
Density g/cm3


Electrical Resistivity at 20C Ω mm2/m

1.45 + 0.07

Elongation %   Min 16
Melting Temperature


Tensile Strength, kgs/mm2 75
Magnetic Property Magnetic
Workability Good
Weldability Satisfactory
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