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RAIL® - LT Plus
Electric Resistance Heating Alloy RAIL® - LT Plus Wire

RAIL® - LT Plus is made out of Iron-Chromium-Aluminium Alloy. Alloy is manufactured with selected alloying materials for purity and is processed using precise and controlled conditions for getting consistent quality with uniform characteristics such as uniform molecular distribution and physical, mechanical & electrical characteristics. Since the resulting alloy has high oxidation resistance, it can be said that RAIL® - LT Plus proves its merits when used for high temperature service at places where there are no vibrations or shocks.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Maximum Element Working

RAIL® - LT Plus

Temperature (in Air)


Nominal Composition % Cr 17-21


Fe Balance
Density g/cm3


Electrical Resistivity at 20C Ω mm2/m

1.23 + 0.06

Elongation %   16%
Melting Temperature


Tensile Strength, kgs/mm2 60-65
Magnetic Property Magnetic
Max. operating temperature 1100C
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