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RAIL® - NC 80/20

Electric Resistance Heating Alloy RAIL® - NC 80/20 Wire


RAIL® - NC 80/20 is an austenitic, non-magnetic, Nickel-Chrome Alloy. It is used at wire temperature up to 1200C

RAIL® - NC 80/20 has outstanding characteristics like high uniform electric resistance, excellent heat stability, strong resistance to corrosion, excellent ductility, weldability and mechanical stability. Its austenitic structure gives good toughness allowing it to be easily cold worked.  It is an ideal metallic heating element material for use in high temperature industrial furnaces and electric domestic heating equipments.

Physical & Mechanical Properties
Maximum Element Working Temperature (in Air) 1200C
Nominal Composition % Cr 20
Si  1
Ni Balance
Density g/cm3 8.40
Electrical Resistivity at 20C Ω mm2/m 1.08
Elongation %   Min 30
Melting Temperature 1400C
Tensile Strength kgs/mm2 70
Creep limit (1% elongation after 1000 hours)
Kg/mm2 600C
Kg/mm2 800C
Kg/mm2 1000C
Kg/mm2 1200C





Workability Good
Weldability Satisfactory
Magnetic Property Non-Magnetic
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