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ISAMI® Metal Sheathed Mineral Insulated Thermocouple
ISAMI® Metal Sheathed Mineral Insulated (MSMI) Thermocouple Cable/Wire in India is used as sensor to measure temperature. It senses temperature and converts it into electrical signals i.e., milli volt (mV) which in turn is transmitted through MI, Extension or Compensating Cable to an instrument and displayed as temperature (°C/°F). It covers wide temperature ranges between -200°C and 1250°C with good accuracy and stability.

The construction of MSMI Thermocouple allows the sheath to be bent or formed to shape as required by the user, but remains rigid during use. The whole assembly is hermetically sealed giving the conductors full protection from the operating environment.

The main advantages of ISAMI® MSMI Thermocouple are stability, durability, cost-effectiveness, quick response and ability to be formed into almost any position. They can be used in almost every industry and can be tailored to individual application.

ISAMI® MSMI Thermocouple is available in Types K/J/E/T/N with standard and special limits of error as per ASTM/ANSI/IEC/DIN/JIS standards.
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