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RAIL® - 135D
Electric Resistance Heating Alloy RAIL® - 135D Wire

RAIL® - 135D is an Iron-Chromium-Aluminium Alloy, mainly composed of high purity electrolytic iron, low carbon Ferro-Chrome and high purity aluminium. It is used at wire temperature up to 1300C.

RAIL® - 135D has several unique characteristics like higher resistivity, better oxidation, higher temperature use, lower density, higher yield and longer life. RAIL® - 135D has ferritic structure i.e. its lattice is body-centered cubic. It is particularly characterized by its high resistance to sulphurous gases and also it is less liable to carburizing compared to austenitic alloys like Nickel-Chrome and Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys.

RAIL® - 135D is popular electric resistance heating alloy for use in industrial furnaces, ovens and domestic electric appliances.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Maximum Element Working Temperature (in Air)


Nominal Composition % Cr


Al 5.5
Fe Balance
Density g/cm3


Electrical Resistivity at 20C Ω mm2/m

1.35 + 0.07

Elongation %   Min 16
Melting Temperature


Tensile Strength, kgs/mm2 70
Magnetic Property Magnetic
Workability Good
Weldability Satisfactory
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